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Complete unedited responses from our patients to this question follow:

J.E. is a 39 year old man:
“It’s like being reborn!”

B.S. is a 39 year old man:
“Very satisfied with the procedure and education about this by Dr. Floch and his staff. I appreciated being able to talk with other patients before the procedure. I felt comfortable or able to come off the post-procedure pain medication four days after surgery. I was eating solid foods within my second week after surgery. I had some difficulty swallowing it if I ate too fast or ate certain foods such as bread, rice, pasta or french fries. Since surgery, I have not experienced heartburn, even when eating hot, spicy-greasy food.”

S.S. is an 88 year old man:
“Before surgery my life was a 2 and now it is an 8.” (1 worst and 10 best)

D.S. is a 34 year old man:
“The procedure totally eliminated all of my reflux symptoms. I was skeptical of such a positive outcome after relying on Prilosec twice a day for four years to control the problem. I strongly feel that this operation is a minor miracle.Dr. Floch embodies all the qualities of a great doctor, knowledge, skill, caring, and an excellent attitude. Thank you!”

M.H. is a 68 year old woman:
“I was frightened by the severe spasms of the chest and the back pain after the first one. I haven’t had any since the second. I am very relieved and grateful. No more severe stomach pain or bouts of diarrhea or need to vomit. No reflux. Before surgery my life was a 1 and now it is a 10.”

C.L.B. is a 67 year old woman:
“I was very well prepared for this procedure. Fifteen years ago I would not allow surgery because I could not afford to be down and out of work for a long time. This time the procedure was necessary due to extreme shortness of breath and shallow breathing. This procedure improved my quality of life. The shoulder pains ended after 5-7 weeks. By 8 weeks I was no longer needing anything (pillow) to protect tender areas from another. Now that my stomach is back where it belongs and my hiatal hernia is stitched down I am breathing properly. I am swimming after 4 weeks, walking immediately and having sexual intercourse after 3 weeks. My bowel movements and digestive gasses react to fibrous foods. After 10 days I was able to dance at a party with a teddy bear protecting my sensitive areas. After 7 weeks I left for a 3 week and 5 country trip to Europe. I had no trouble carrying luggage and driving in Europe after 8 weeks. No pain medication other than Extra Strength Tylenol after 5 weeks. I was hospitalized for 2.5 days and I was home alone after 4.5 days. I had a 20 year old college girl to help me with heavy work in the house for a few weeks and another for 2 weeks to help me pack up my home for interior painting and carry books and suitcases two flights down to the basement, a garage and office. Four level house, many steps, no trouble with steps ever.”


  • suffer from heartburn?
  • get the taste of sour fluids in your throat?
  • suffer from belching?
  • have chest pain?
  • have chronic cough or hoarseness?
  • suffer from nausea and vomiting?
  • have difficulty sleeping?
  • have asthma or asthma-like symptoms?
  • excessively clear your throat?
  • have a dependency on acid-reducing medication in order to live your life?

no more pills!
no more pain!

finally, effective long-term solutions for chronic acid reflux!

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